#Priv8 2011 Attack Shell#

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WARNING: Failed to daemonise. This is quite common and not fatal.Successfully opened reverse shell to ERROR: Shell connection terminated
Change Dir :
Command Execute :
Upload :
Modeminizde 22 port açik olmali : Php Backconnect 1   Php Backconnect 2  Php Backconnect 3  Php Backconnect 4  Dc Backconnect  Perlsocket  Python Bacconnect  Python izo  Metasploit Bacconnect
/home/renewable/html/lib/adodb.functions.php:52 - offsetGet
/home/renewable/html/lib/classes/class.CmsApp.php:229 - adodb_connect
/home/renewable/html/include.php:188 - GetDb
/home/renewable/html/index.php:71 - require_once
FATAL ERROR: Could not find database connection key dbms in the config file