Jess Zimmerman


Ph.D., Biology, University of Utah. Environmental Science Program Graduate Coordinator, Co-PI UPR IGERT, Director Forest Dynamic Plot. 

Research Interests:
Urban Forestry and Forest Dynamics. The impact of hurricanes and humans, and their interaction, on the dynamics of tropical plant communities; tropical tree life histories and restoration ecology; orchid reproductive ecology and the ecology of ants. 

Courses Taught:

Tropical Forest Resources (Grad), Topics in Modern Biology (Grad), Terrestrial Ecosystems (Grad), Biostatistics (Grad), Introduction to Ecology

Current projects:

  1. Human land-use selects species creating new forest communities with different successional pathways and distinct community equilibria after hurricane. 
  2. Long-term phenological responses of the LEF plant community to climate variation 


  1. Zimmerman, J. K., J. Thompson, and N. Brokaw.  2008.  Large tropical forest dynamics plots: Testing explanations for the maintenance of species diversity.  Pages 98-117 in W. Carson and S. Schnitzer (eds.).  Tropical Forest Community Ecology.  Blackwell Publications, Oxford, UK.
  2. Canham, C. D., J. Thompson, J.K. Zimmerman, and M. Uriarte. 2009. Variation in susceptibility to hurricane damage as a function of storm severity in Puerto Rican tree species. Biotropica, in press.

Contact Information: