Job Opportunities and Skills Needed

Environmental Issue Solution Company/Governmental Agency Skills Careers
Habitat and species lost Conservation strategies Agricultural Research Service Knowledge of applied research in range management, landscape ecology, and watershed management, with an emphasis on assessing and predicting impacts of natural events (such as wildfire or drought) and management interactions on rangeland ecosystem processes. Research Rangeland Management Specialist/Research Ecologist
      Skill in developing a comprehensive research program that facilitates use of livestock in landscape/watershed scale Great Basin rangeland rehabilitation projects impacted by fire and invasive plants.  
      Skill in conducting research on the rehabilitation of rangelands impacted by invasive plants (e.g., exotic annual grasses, pinyon pine and juniper) and wildfire in order to assess the economic, environmental, and ecological benefits of conservation/management actions.  
      Have the ability to conceive, plan, conduct and report original independent research in peer reviewed journals and make presentations at scientific meetings on rangeland rehabilitation and re-vegetation topics.  
      Skill in developing a comprehensive watershed assessment research program that quantifies wildfire and invasive weeds impact on hydrologic processes (e.g., runoff, ground water recharge, soil erosion, and salinity transport) at the landscape/watershed scale for Great Basin rangeland rehabilitation projects.  
Habitat and species lost Conservation strategies Agricultural Research Service Ability to program in Java, Pearl, or C++ and the ability to manage large datasets are also required, as is knowledge of Linux operating systems. Research Biologist (Computational), Research Geneticist
      Skills to develop related research areas that may provide keys to new approaches to utilizing next-generation sequencing data.  
      Knowledge of phylogenetics, population genetics, SNP analysis, and familiarity with transcriptomic analysis methods and packages, such as RNAseq, TopHat, Cufflinks, Cuffdiff, CummeRbund is highly desirable.  
      Experience with GIS and remote sensing is preferred but not required.  
Habitat and species lost Conservation strategies Agricultural Research Service Knowledge of the principles of biological science as it relates to plant research. Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Plants)
    Skill in gene and/or genetic molecular marker data generation and analysis.
    Have the ability to perform routine molecular and cellular techniques such as PCR or gel electrophoresis.
Habitat and species lost Conservation strategies Agricultural Research Service Knowledge of shellfish or marine invertebrate ecology and demonstrated skills in developing and using current quantitative and statistical models to predict spatial distributions and production of these organisms are required. Research Ecologist (Modeling) or Research Fish Biologist or Research Marine Biologist (Modeling)
    Knowledge of statistics, including spatial and Bayesian methods, computer programming, including the R statistical language, linear programming and optimization techniques, and GIS are desirable.
Habitat and species lost Conservation strategies Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service Have the ability to recognize agricultural products/commodities, their origin and their condition. Plant Protection Technician (Domestic)
    Knowledge of plant pests/disease detection, identification and control.
    Have the ability to interpret and apply standards, procedures and/or regulations, including State and Federal plant quarantine regulations.
    Oral and Written communication and Interpersonal skills.