Kai Griebenow

Ph.D. University of Duesseldorf. Professor Chemistry Department, UPRRP.

Research Interests:

Structure-guided protein encapsulation, non-aqueous enzymology, protein formulation, protein stability, protein glycosylation, relationship between protein structural dynamics and enzyme activity, PEG modification of proteins, bio-fuel cells.

Current projects:

  1. Improving systems for the sustained release of protein drugs from biocompatible polymer micro- and nanospheres
  2. Stabilizing proteins by covalent modification with glycans and polymers for various applications (e.g., formulation, devices)
  3. Non-aqueous enzymology to stereoselective synthesize drug precursor molecules
  4. Immobilize enzymes on nano-structured or -sized devices in biosensor and fuel-cell applications
  5. Nano-particulate protein powders in delivery applications
  6. Develop novel experiments to improve student learning in general chemistry laboratories
  7. Computational modeling of modified proteins
  8. Relationship between enzyme glycosylation, dynamics, function, and stability
  9. Stabilization of proteins at interfaces (e.g., those encountered in medical devices)

Recent publications:

  1. Castillo B, Sola R, Ferrer A, Barletta G, Griebenow K (2008) Effect of PEG modification on subtilisin Carlsberg activity, enantioselectivity, and structural dynamics in 1,4-dioxane. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 99 (1):9-17.
  2. Solá RJ, Rodriguez J, Griebenow K (2007) Modulation of protein biophysical behavior by chemical glycosylation: biochemical insights and biomedical implications, Review for Cell. Mol. Life Sci., 64 (16): 2133-2152.
  3. Schweitzer-Stenner R, Measey T, Kakalis L, Jordan F, Pizzanelli S, Forte C, Griebenow K (2007) Conformations of alanine based peptides in water probed by FTIR, Raman, vibrational circular dichroism, electronic circular dichroism, and NMR spectroscopy, Biochemistry 46(6):1587-1596.
  4. Castillo B, Bansal V, Ganesan A, Halling P, Secundo F, Ferrer A, Griebenow K, Barletta G (2006) On the activity loss of hydrolases in organic solvents: II. A mechanistic study of subtilisin Carlsberg. BMC Biotechnology 6:51. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6750/6/51
  5. Solá RJ, Griebenow K (2006) Influence of modulated structural dynamics on the kinetics of a-chymotrypsin catalysis: Insights through chemical glycosylation, molecular dynamics simulations and domain motion analysis. FEBS Journal 273(23):5303-5319.

Contact Information: