Olga L. Mayol

Ph.D., Chemistry. University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1998. Manager Cape San Juan Station.


Research Interests:

Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Chemical, physical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols; impact of aerosols on climate; size-resolved chemical composition and sources of aerosols in tropical regions; carbonaceous aerosols; organic aerosols and their role in cloud condensation nuclei properties; impact of atmospheric aerosols on the ecosystem, the degradation of structures and health.


Courses Taught:


Analytic Chemistry Seminar, Environmental Conservation and Management Techniques, Advanced Topics in Environmental Chemistry, Advanced Topics in Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry I and II, Air Resources: Conservation and Management


Current projects:

Physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles as a function of their origin (African dust, North America continent, maritime trade winds, Southeastern Caribbean wind currents) and after long-range transport.



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